Dismissal of DWI case issued in Texas.

Reversal and remand issued in the 11th Circuit.

DWI cased dismissed. State of Texas.

Reversal and remand issued on 11th Circuit Case.

Judge fails Quo Warranto request, James C., Bexar County, TX.

"I received your brief. You are a genius." Gregory S., S.D. Ind.

Prisoner released based on jurisdictional challenge. Francis S., D. Wyo.

4 Month Trial results in not guilty verdict..Ryan B., D. Ore.

Thanks, Robert, as I was typing your criminal complaint, it kept daning on me how ingenious your work is....You are brilliant." Patricia M., D.Minn.

"I know you have a reputation with people that are incarcerated. They think you

are like a movie star." Heather Stanley, Lane County District Court, Ore., 7/24/17.