We are investigators, investigative reporters, legal writers and mentors. We are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. We specialize in post-conviction relief. We do both state and federal cases.

Our specialties in criminal law include issues that can be raised at any time: indictments, jurisdiction, due process, actual innocence, quo warranto, fraud.

In tax cases we remove liens and levies, county, employer, social security, bank; and modify accounting methods to reduce or eliminate taxes, and assessments.

We do pretrial investigation and motions for dismissal; trial assistance; written allocations; motion to correct an illegal sentence; appeal; cert; habeas;void judgment.

We always start from the beginning, the criminal complaint and the indictment. Our approach is to attack the fabric of the case: jurisdiction, due process, and quo warranto. Once you receive an actual innocence ruling, you have a claim for damages of up to $3,500 per day.