"Thanks. Looks Like we may be have this wrapped up before Christmas." Mark Anthony Head, D.Miss., 5/18/18.

Everything you have sent today looks really good. Thanks for all your hard work." Aragon Bellamy Miller, D. Idaho, 5/18/18.

"You are the best thing that has happened to us." Roque Garcia, S.D.Tx.

"Thanks. Looks like we may have this thing wrapped up before Christmas. I thank you very much." Mark Anthony Head, D.Miss.

"I see the light at the end of the tunnel. You and your team have done a marvelous job putting this together." John J. Pawelski, D.Co.

"This is excellent." David Moleski, Supplement to Brief, D.C. Court, 5/8/18.

"This is excellent!" David Moleski, D.N.J., 4/26/18.

"You and your group of investigators have nailed it!My guess is that the first few in each district will get some push back from the judge and obstructIon charges can be placed upon them.. I really really want to be in the first group because it believe the idiot fake judge Arguello will claim some bullshit and I desire to financially bury her. Thanks again for all of your efforts."

John J. Pawelski, D.Co.

"This is wonderful!!! Thank you for all your hard work and persistence." John J. Pawelski, D.Co.

"Sounds great...We (my family and friends) are very excited about this...And I'm very grateful for everything your team and yourself have done for me and for others. For America as well...And for them to realize that they (prosecutors) are not above the law and expose them for the frauds tht they truly are...." George Peter Podes, N.D.Miss.