Case History

Texas DPS dismisses dwi assessment. Travis County, 3/1/17.

4 Month trial results in not guilty verdict. 12/12/16. Ryan B., D.Ore.

Ryan Bundy found not guilty after 4 month trial. Bundy and his brother were accused of breaking into a national forest service with weapons along with others, Ryan originally had an attorney who our group found to be incompetent. We prepared pretrial motions and Ryan, proceeding pro se, was found not guilty at trial. 3:16-cr-00051, D.Ore., 11/15/16.

Prisoner released after jurisdictional challenge. Francis Edward Springfield, 2:16-cv-00127-NDF, D. Wyo., 9/20/16.

Levy released from bank account after notice to the IRS. 7/26/15, Robert Abell, San Clemente, CA.

IRS releases levy on wages. 3/18/15. Randy Witt, P.O. Box 2106, Edgewood, N.M. 87015

Judge sentenced defendant to 18 months in tax case when the prosecutor wanted 18 years. United States v. Joseph Prokop, D. Nevada, 2:09-cr-00022-MMD-CWF-3, 3/12/15

Federal Sentence reduced 4 years and Prisoner set for release. Gracie Spry, S.D.W.Va., 1/8/15. No. 2:01-cr-00011-6.

State case dismissed after arrest for possession of marijuana. Jeremy Lee Baker, Seminole County, TX. 1/7/15. State of Texas v. Baker.

After government waives argument, Supreme Court sends jurisdictional challenge to judges. Judicial notice was 12/3/14. David Moleski v. United States, No. 14-527.

Sean Michael Carney pled guilty to drugs and guns in a criminal case in the Western District of Texas. United States v. Sean Michael Carney. He was set to be released on August 10, 2015, and then serve 3 years supervised release. His sentence was commuted on April 30, 2014.

Judge orders new trial in civil abuse case in Anchorage, Alaska, 3/6/4, Regina Manteufel v. State of Alaska.